Monday, November 29, 2004

Sacred Harp!

I have renewed my obsession with Shape Note singing—it must be in my roots. If you want to hear some music that is incomparably passionate, manically enthusiastic, totally unrefined, raucous, poorly recorded, repetitive, and unabashedly white (No complaints now, I gave you fair warning!) while still managing to praise God, go here and click to hear some of the mp3s. If you want to reproduce this type of music yourself, go here. If you're interested in the history, visit this site. Shape note singing is an Appalachian tradition- the notes on the page are different shapes to help people learn to read music. It's generally out of tune (like bluegrass, which is from the same area), because the people singing it aren't trained musicians, and the intervals tend toward open fifths—a very medieval feature. Anyway, if that description doesn't sound interesting you probably won't like it. It sure is very enthusiastic, though.

Ready for another dream?

I didn't draw this, I found it.  It relates somehow.I dreamed that someone made us all (at UCU) some kind of orange drink for lunch and we were all drinking them through straws, trying to see how fast we could drink them, and at the same time trying to discover/climb some kind of mountain that was either in Greece or Essex (I was having trouble reading the map that for some reason was displayed in my head) and had some kind of shrine on/near it that was supposed to give us experience points. Meanwhile, Josh (Holly's brother) came over to see about delivering or filming some kind of claymation for which we were going to possibly use Ringo Starr as a voice actor. When Josh noticed that we had straws he wanted to have a battle with them (by rolling them up and popping them, then hitting each other). I wasn't too excited about that. Then I noticed that I had a TON of mail. And for some reason Coldplay was playing through the whole thing.

Let me know when you've had enough...

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Dream Trend

Let's all jump on this bandwagon!

Last night I dreamed that I was asleep, and my sister came in the room and woke me up, and asked what I dreamed. I smiled because I had had a really awesome dream, and I knew that when I woke up I'd be able to put it in my blog and it would be way more awesome than everyone else's dreams. I had her type up my dream for me so I could copy it and paste it later into my blog. She laughed the whole time because my dream was so funny. Then she left and I realized that it was still pretty early, so I went back to sleep.

That's all I can remember about my dream. I had another one, too, and it was something about monocles (I blame that on my discovery of this jewel yesterday). I don't remember what, though.

Man that dream in my dream was funny, though.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Pretty basic, really

In case anyone ever has trouble with their 1980 Celica, try hooking these two things together. It worked wonders for ours.

In other news, read this story and the ones surrounding it.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I totally had a birthday.

Yesterday. All I can say is that all you people who missed out on eel pie missed out. Turns out Heather is The Master Eel Chef.

<--eel pie

Thursday, November 11, 2004

There hasn't been anything of note lately


Noteworthy enough to resort to capital letters, even! I got a phone number! Not a phone, or a cell phone, just a number. And I can answer it on my computer. It's an Olympia, WA number for some reason... I don't get that, but I'm not complaining. So if anyone's bored, here it is (against my better judgement): 1-360-516-1972. Don't no weirdos call, and don't call after 11 or so at night (my roomie likes his sleep), but you can even leave me voicemail if I don't answer. It's busy a lot, I can't call out, and sometimes the program crashes randomly, but I love it.

Also, if anyone has a service called FWD (free world dialup), my number on that is 519789

(edit: 30 seconds later)

This blog is a reflection of my soul: boring and stagnant. Don't expect any more than that or you'll be disappointed. Of course, you will be anyway... You should probably get used to it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


The last week has been utter turmoil for me. As the election day draws close, bringing with it the threat of the responsibility that every American must bear or be subject to chronic haranguing ("You HAVE to care! It's your RIGHT!"), I have been exhausting the search capabilities of the Internet, trying to find just that one political quiz that will clarify the whole mess and reach through the ethers to miraculously inscribe upon my (hypothetical) bumper the name of the only candidate whom I may sanely support in the presidential race.

After an entire week of this relentless pursuit of elucidation, I was about to give up, beaten down by the seeming utter lack of suitable candidates for the presidency. I had been through all the parties; Republicans, Democrats, Turtles, Emperors all hopefully presented to me their unique ideologies, and all were turned away--found unsuitable for this reason or that. I argued for hour upon hour with the acolytes of each school and remained stolidly skeptical as to their understanding of the systems they endorsed.

It wasn't until the last, hollow claims of the "Barking Spider Resurgence Party" echoed away to silence in my mind that I heard the sweet voice that was to utterly convince me. "What in this country does everyone agree on?" It asked. "What does everybody love?"

Of course! How can anyone not like sports? What could be more un-American than rooting against Team Spirit? Who in their mind cannot but "pull for the Home Team"?

That is why I ask you now to join with me in voting for Sports in the upcoming election. With Sports at our nation's head, we cannot fail in any endeavor. Sports must win in all situations.

Go Sports!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

No Truer Words

I came across a pearl of a poem in the ethers of the Internet today, and I had to share it with you all.

Watch these delicate sausages
Recall the moment their sweet juice rained hot on your tongue
I ache bitterly for this gift of meat

Thursday, September 30, 2004

I'm good for $25 mil...

Apparently word of my financial tightfistedness has finally spread. The ex-wife of President Mobutu just emailed me today, asking permission to transfer $25 million to my bank account so I could watch it for her for 5 years. She said they need to get it out of Africa where it will be safe. She said it was important, and she seemed so nice that as a token of my gratitude I invited her to join gmail.

I think we can all learn a lesson from this.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Seattle was still here

School's looking ok so far. Old English should be a hūt. I have an average of one class per day, though that will soon change when I add another Icelandic class to the schedule. I'm starting to worry hugely about grad school. I'm hoping to apply to Glasgow- but will they have me?!

Stay tuned!

Friday, September 17, 2004

My new baby

This is it. More to follow.

**Due to requests I have resized the image**

It is a lap steel guitar, by the way.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Ultimate Sport (The Most Dangerous Game?)
I have invented Moose knife hunting. No license required in season. Who is with me?

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I am getting tired of seeing nothing new

Every day I check to see if Joel has perhaps updated his blog. Who am I trying to kid?
I'm bored of looking at that sickening picture, so I find that I am forced to take the initiative once again and update for him.
Hm, I guess I see why he hasn't been writing lately; he hasn't really done a lot except for serving my needs. We went to Spokane yesterday, and a couple of weeks ago, he bought a lap steel guitar. I think that he had a quarter of a pear this morning and 2 slices of bacon. Oh, uh, he went to the local thrift store today where he purchased a really old speaker-deal with a pick-up-thingy that you hook up to your telephone so that "everyone in the room can listen". He kept shoving it in my face while i was reading. I used to do things to him like that all the time, oh wait, i still do.

Oh, and by the way, i think that Joel's campaign for me was very effective. The emperor of the U.S. even posted a comment in my blog! Thanks brother, you're such a nice kid!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Rallying the Troops

Hey guys,

How about helping a little sister in need? I know you all love reading my blog and leaving comments all the time, but I can't have all the attention. I'm writing this because it's serious. Could you all just read this blog and leave a comment or two? Just so she knows she's appreciated? I mean I don't blame all you guys for reading my blog all the time, too, but honestly, Shelley's pretty cool. And kind of funny. Sometimes. Check out the picture of her "swimming"-- I mean, that's adorable!

Thanks gang!

Your pal,


P.S. Can you beat that "hacking" she did on my blog with the password I gave her? She's a pistol!

Friday, August 06, 2004


HA-HAh, Itotally just hacked into Joel's account! Um, so, what have I done today? Well, I got up at 5:30 and went to work where I packaged blueberries; yes, I finally got a job. I even got paid today--a whopping $35 for this week. My boss, Stan, overpayed me last week. Um, then I came home, and Joel was on the computer. Well, that's about it for me!
Oh, and I stole all of Joel's Chuck E. Cheese's tokens. HAHA

Thursday, August 05, 2004

There's a long line of cars...

So I'm still composing my magnum opus to sum up my entire summer, but here's something to pass the time, those of you who are lonely. And bored. And amused by idiocy.

We're trying to come up with a line of automobiles to complete the offering of the company that makes the Food in Uzbekistan.

So far we have the following:

Food - Sedan (The Food SS is also available: Travel with the comfort of your
        very own ex-SS officer trapped in a cage under your seat!)

Tantrum - Sports Coupe
Transgressor - Sporty Sedan
Empanada - Pickup
Watusi - Wagon
Tendril - Amphicar? Motorcycle?
Cephalopod - Hybrid?
Nocturne - Convertible
Borgia - Deluxe Sedan
Piety - Economy Sedan

We still need a van name, and we're not stuck on the functions of the Tendril or the Cephalopod, though we're rather fond of the names.

Any feedback or further suggestions would be welcome.

Edit: We remembered today what the name of the SUV was! The Ragnarok.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I'm using up a whole post

...Just to say that, thanks to my friend Kenton, two more friends, Ethan and Eric now have blogs.

Maybe now Eric will actually have to put something in his...

And Ethan-- You get one free link from me.

Anybody know how many more posts I'm allowed for the month?

More to follow.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

In light of recent comments...

I have decided to post.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

¡Qué Monstruosidad!

Well, it's turned out nice again, hasn't it?

I just bought a genuine monstrosity from an estate sale. Kenton says so. I don't have time to say a lot - got to write my paper, but here are some genuine pictures of this genuine monstrosity which I acquired for a sum total of $5. As an added bonus - you can see our new rug!

Until next time!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Veni, vidi, volo in domum redire.
Well we had a big thing today- 18 mice all over our house, as a prank. We've caught or killed most of them and now we're trying to collect some without killing them because people want them as pets. My sister is taking two - she's naming them Cerberus and Geryon (after the giant who lowers Dante into the 8th circle of the Inferno). That reminded me of a t-shirt I liked when I saw it: Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditiones habes. It would fit her.

Anyway, we're thinking of releasing velociraptors in the girls' house (those who pranked us) as revenge. That or trouts. Pterodactyls would be too good for them.

We also went to the beach today. That was fun, unfortunately. K well that's enough for now.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

More non-entertainment

My family came over for the weekend, and it was great to see them. I always end up looking upon college as a sort of expensive exile where you end up making friends and learning stuff. But it's still exile, so having my parents over lessens the blow.

I'm afraid there's nothing else exciting to report. Our Arabic class just got SLAUGHTERED by our final. The length was a little longer than most of the prof's 2-hour finals, and we only had an hour to do it in. I thought I'd be all smart and take the hardest part, composition, first, and I spent less time on some of the other parts trying to write something for it. Then, right before the end of class the professor said "I see I've made the final too long. If you want to take the composition part home and do it tonight, that's fine." Oh well, at least I'm done. Heather taught me a shortcut to reading Arabic: hold it backwards up to a light, and read it through the paper, and it looks and reads just like English. I'm not kidding! Try it! No wonder their pronunciation sounds funny...

Tomorrow I have to do an oral presentation on Icelandic Literature. I've chosen to read aloud a particularly exciting segment of a saga in which a guy tries to get another guy to look at his sick cow. The guy responds, "I don't care about your cow." Maybe later, if you're good, I'll tell you how it ends.

A thing you all should look at if you haven't:
Honda's New Accord
It is not an animation, there are no cuts or camera tricks, and it took them 606 tries to film!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


I just dunno anymore. Kenton had this really cool t-shirt design for beach bash based on the Otter Pops picture, but it turns out it would have been too hard or expensive or both to use it, so Tim and I drew another one. I've come to really like it over the past few hours, but I'm not sure if we should use it, since a lot of people are having trouble telling what the image on the front is supposed to be. Becky said maybe we should just put a girl on the front, and I sorta like that... But I do like the front we have now, too... Opinions? It's not supposed to be a crock-pot, a bong, or a toilet.

For the front:

For the back:

Monday, May 24, 2004

Et al.

List of Recent Events:

Saturday saw me at the UCU Parent banquet, where I ran the sound and participated in the fashion show (which I, of course, stole... and never returned). That was nice.

Saturday also saw me hanging out with my friend Chris from high school as his band, Racetrack performed at KEXP, the local eclectic radio station on a local artists show. It was a good peformance, and may be heard streaming for the next few weeks at the KEXP website. They are all excited to be playing with Built to Spill next friday in B-Ham.

Sunday saw me at church, and doing homework.

Monday sees me, and I wish it would look away. It's creepy just to have it staring at me like that while I'm trying to work on my paper...

Shelley is having issues with relativity. This has happened before, but it was infinity... She's so hard to console, and she's started reacting drastically- she has now declared herself a Newtonian Purist to the death. I will say that space is not the only thing that's warped around here...

Friday, May 21, 2004

In other news, Kenton now has a blog.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Woes of a closet prescriptivist.
I've just identified the three things that most cause me pain in this world, and they're all fairly common spoken grammatical structures:

"The thing is, is..." The phrase "the thing is" has become such a common saying for many people that the words have become glued together into one morpheme, and the "is" no longer has meaning. These people need to add another "is" before it will make structural sense to them. Unfortunately, I am not one of these people.

"As best as I can" or "as best as possible." I heard this one last weekend, in the dialog of the movie "Troy." Grammatical errors in supposedly classical settings are the ones that irk me the most (don't get me started on "from whence"). "Best" is a superlative, and traditionally superlatives can't occupy this position: You can't say "He ran as fastest as he could," or even "as worst as I can." The "correct" phrase is "as best I can" or "as best is possible." To use a comparative structure, you have to use a comparative adverb: "as well as I can."

"The reason being is that..." "Being" is already a progressive verb, and insertion of the "is" verb makes this ungrammatical. Traditionally. A correct phrase would read "the reason being that..." However, in the popular mind, "reason being" has become yet another phrasal noun, which results in the necessity of another verb to take over for the "being" that stopped having any constructive value.

Having said all this, I'm a linguistics student, and we're supposed to be descriptive about all this, instead of telling people what to say. And besides, I do stuff all the time that isn't grammatical historically (like starting sentences with "and"). It's not so much that I think I have the best grammar, but once I get a handle on any one point, its misuse drives me crazy. I think what causes me the most mental anguish is the knowledge that knowing everyone is "doing it wrong" only shows what a lame snob I am!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

And if anyone is really reading this, they should click here.

Low Noises
Our house just got a subwoofer for our new PA system. It's a Mackie 600 watt 15 inch piece of low noise. I've already made people sick, angry, etc. with it. How many more must suffer? It is quite fun to play the bass through, though...

I felt bad, because I had guests over, and we were supposed to be jamming because they think I will fit in well with their progressive rock... But here we were playing techno, rap, and Billie Jean with only a subwoofer and no speakers... Tres gauche...

In other news, Shelley has a blog now.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I'm looking forward to being done with Arabic. I love the language, but it eats up so much study time... I've started to figure out exactly how much work I can get away with not doing at home and still not lose any class points or knowledge necessary for the final, which, incidentally, we're having early. Hopefully. If the teacher's new schedule holds up.

Not a real post.
This is the first post, which is not a post to the blog, which is not a blog.

I went to class today, then I came back. I had to read for a long time. Now I'm going to do laundry.

I'm getting the sinking feeling that a blog written by me will yield little to no excitement value.