Monday, November 29, 2004

Sacred Harp!

I have renewed my obsession with Shape Note singing—it must be in my roots. If you want to hear some music that is incomparably passionate, manically enthusiastic, totally unrefined, raucous, poorly recorded, repetitive, and unabashedly white (No complaints now, I gave you fair warning!) while still managing to praise God, go here and click to hear some of the mp3s. If you want to reproduce this type of music yourself, go here. If you're interested in the history, visit this site. Shape note singing is an Appalachian tradition- the notes on the page are different shapes to help people learn to read music. It's generally out of tune (like bluegrass, which is from the same area), because the people singing it aren't trained musicians, and the intervals tend toward open fifths—a very medieval feature. Anyway, if that description doesn't sound interesting you probably won't like it. It sure is very enthusiastic, though.

Ready for another dream?

I didn't draw this, I found it.  It relates somehow.I dreamed that someone made us all (at UCU) some kind of orange drink for lunch and we were all drinking them through straws, trying to see how fast we could drink them, and at the same time trying to discover/climb some kind of mountain that was either in Greece or Essex (I was having trouble reading the map that for some reason was displayed in my head) and had some kind of shrine on/near it that was supposed to give us experience points. Meanwhile, Josh (Holly's brother) came over to see about delivering or filming some kind of claymation for which we were going to possibly use Ringo Starr as a voice actor. When Josh noticed that we had straws he wanted to have a battle with them (by rolling them up and popping them, then hitting each other). I wasn't too excited about that. Then I noticed that I had a TON of mail. And for some reason Coldplay was playing through the whole thing.

Let me know when you've had enough...

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Dream Trend

Let's all jump on this bandwagon!

Last night I dreamed that I was asleep, and my sister came in the room and woke me up, and asked what I dreamed. I smiled because I had had a really awesome dream, and I knew that when I woke up I'd be able to put it in my blog and it would be way more awesome than everyone else's dreams. I had her type up my dream for me so I could copy it and paste it later into my blog. She laughed the whole time because my dream was so funny. Then she left and I realized that it was still pretty early, so I went back to sleep.

That's all I can remember about my dream. I had another one, too, and it was something about monocles (I blame that on my discovery of this jewel yesterday). I don't remember what, though.

Man that dream in my dream was funny, though.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Pretty basic, really

In case anyone ever has trouble with their 1980 Celica, try hooking these two things together. It worked wonders for ours.

In other news, read this story and the ones surrounding it.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I totally had a birthday.

Yesterday. All I can say is that all you people who missed out on eel pie missed out. Turns out Heather is The Master Eel Chef.

<--eel pie

Thursday, November 11, 2004

There hasn't been anything of note lately


Noteworthy enough to resort to capital letters, even! I got a phone number! Not a phone, or a cell phone, just a number. And I can answer it on my computer. It's an Olympia, WA number for some reason... I don't get that, but I'm not complaining. So if anyone's bored, here it is (against my better judgement): 1-360-516-1972. Don't no weirdos call, and don't call after 11 or so at night (my roomie likes his sleep), but you can even leave me voicemail if I don't answer. It's busy a lot, I can't call out, and sometimes the program crashes randomly, but I love it.

Also, if anyone has a service called FWD (free world dialup), my number on that is 519789

(edit: 30 seconds later)

This blog is a reflection of my soul: boring and stagnant. Don't expect any more than that or you'll be disappointed. Of course, you will be anyway... You should probably get used to it.