Monday, April 30, 2007

Bothwell Castle

Near scenic, rural Uddingston, by the verdant banks of the upper Clyde, lies the impressive, hulking ruin of Bothwell Castle. This medieval/renaissance castle (it's a mix, you know!) is the best one Heather and I have visited so far, for two main reasons: 1. It's actually a castle- not a mall, a tourist trap, or a museum (though they have their place). 2. They let you climb it! Also amazing is the forested land surrounding the castle, which acts as a buffer against encroaching (modern) civilization. Remind me to post a sound clip of the birds chirping... Heather has posted an album of pictures from our recent visit. I especially enjoy the picture of the castle earthworm.


Lynne said...

#8 - they actually let you climb the walls? +1, #7

Lynne said...

(I ment +a rather than +1) but ... #6, I don't know about the worm picture .. (insert #7's +a here)

Angela said...

Thank you so much for your photos. My name is Angela Slack and my mother is Joan Bothwell. I have recently been researching my history and have been very intrigued by what I have found. My grandmother (Bernice Bothwell) has visited the castle and has told me alot about it. I have had dreams of walking through the castle but had not yet seen a photo. Your photos were the first I have seen and I was surprised they are exactly how I dreamed. Well thank you and I will continue my research and one day visit the Bothwell Castle in my future travels. Thanks again from Fort McMurray Alberta!