Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ehlis Invade Scotland!

Heather hijacks the Transport Museum
I'm way behind. Two months ago, my cousin Erik and our friends Robb and Andrew all came to visit at the same time! This post isn't about them: I'm going to go backwards. Last month, Heather's family (now my family) came to stay with us for a week, exploring pretty much the whole country. The kids all slept in the lounge-basically the coolest slumber party ever. Then we all (sans Jeff) got in our longboat and headed for Norway. Here are some pictures from the Scotland week. Oh and here's the link to where most of the pictures are, though you might have to sift through Norway.

Chillin' at Glasgow University

Ehli Kids @ Linlithgow

Ma and Pa Ehli guard Edinburgh
Heather decorates Linlithgow
Family picnic!
The gang in Luss
Gratuitous Glencoe Scenery