Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Basil (Rhymes with Razzle-Dazzle!)

Here is the newest addition to our family! He is adorable. We got him from our friend Himara who is moving back to Sri Lanka after 5 years in Glasgow. She needed to find a home for little Basil, and had no takers! I emailed our landlord who very graciously said he would overlook the 'no animals' rule as he didn't want Basil to be homeless. Aww. Basil is not homeless.

He is so friendly and I think Joel and he are going to be best friends. He likes to sit on Joel's neck (or anyone's neck, but I'm not used to that sort of thing yet). I think he likes Joel's beard a lot.

He likes mushrooms and carrots. He is used to eating lots of veg. He is a light sandy colour, with the trademark red eyes. Nice guy.


Uilleam Alba Mac Gafraidh said...

much as I am no a fan of pets, I think he couldn't have found a better home!

Robb said...

I hope he doesn't try building a nest in Joel's beard.

jeremy and lenore diviney said...

of course, it does; I wouldn't have read it any other way! lol. I remember that joel had several rats growing up. I wasn't overly fond of them but did enjoy feeling their strong tails. . .such fanulous balancers rats are! I'm sure Joel is enjoying him!