Sunday, June 01, 2008

Finnish Cardamom Coffee Bread

I tried my hand at bread yesterday. I mean real bread, made from yeast. That is a culinary area I have not in the least developed, and I had a wary interest in attempting it. I was afraid that if my first attempt resulted in a loaf resembling something very un-breadlike, I would abort the adventure completely. Thankfully, a lovely golden loaf brought happiness to all who came in contact with it!

There are many lovely looking recipes on the Whole Foods website. I chose this Finnish Cardamom Coffee Bread, and Joel and I made a haphazard venture into the art of braiding dough. The picture is of Joel's loaf, which turned out much more visually peaceful. Mine was a bit more long and lean, and looked like some kind of twisted baguette.

It tastes light and sweet, with a subtle cardamom flavour. There is sugar sprinkled on top which makes it an oh so pleasant experience to savour a slice (pure unrefined sugar, the only kind we use). I thought I was being clever and froze one of the loaves, however it is only one day later and the first loaf is half gone already! Mmm.

On another note...
This morning was a day just like yesterday - bright sunshine with promises of warmth. The forecast said rain, but hey, did we believe them? There was no way it could rain when it looked so gorgeous. Off we went to church, me in a summery skirt, neither of us with jackets. Well, turned out it's Scotland, and it did rain. We walked home afterwards in the rain, me with a newspaper over my head. A nice rain though, it was still warm out. When I got home I thought porage sounded so good! I made porage with fresh blueberries, a touch of extra thick single cream, and topped with a sprinkling of brown sugar. Mm it was perfect and made me want chai. I would strongly suggest porage with fresh blueberries.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try all your culinary experiments! They sound wonderful. The photos belong in a food magazine! I'm hoping to get Brett's recipe for carmeled pear pie! It was heavenly...and oh so easy! Maybe we can make it when we're with you.


slaton said...

Hello there, I work for Whole Foods Market and just wanted to say thanks for the terrific post and for trying out our recipes. We're currently working on developing an new website that will make it easier for everyone to access and share these recipes. If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see on our website, please let me know at Also, if you're at all interested, we're launching a new blog today at:
Thanks, again, and BTW very nice pic of the bread:)

cyrstreow said...

That's awesome. If you want to sound all authentic and whatnot you can call it 'pulla'; the braided loaf is 'pullapitko'. It looks lovely! (you could be my mommy in Glasgow and whenever I miss home you can make pulla..)

You can also make it slightly more exciting (or just more unhealthy) by spreading butter on the dough, then sprinkling it with sugar and cinnamon and rolling it; then cutting the roll into smaller pieces. This variation, then, would be called 'korvapuusti', lit. 'slap on the ear'.

DaviMack said...

Great bread! Will you be getting into baking more? If so, we've got a sourdough starter that's going to be sulking about the fridge for the next month or so, unless it finds a babysitter. ;)

Try swapping in Greek yogurt for the single cream next time. Yum!

DaviMack said...

We keep our sourdough ('Sadie' is her name) in a small jar, in the fridge usualy. By small, I mean it's a standard Dolmio pasta sauce jar, washed out well, and with holes poked in the lid.

Our flight leaves tomorrow morning, so unless you're handy to the Mitchell Library (we're a block away) we're probably not going to get to meet up before we leave.

It's dead easy to get one going, though, so if this one dies off while we're gone we won't mourn her too deeply. :)