Sunday, June 15, 2008


A couple weeks ago, I found an incredible deal. I got an entire leg of Scottish lamb for only £3.60. Wow, what a clever shopper I am! It's normally about £11. I cut slits in the lamb and stuck garlic cloves in the holes, then I rubbed the whole leg with olive oil and herbs de provence. Easy as. We threw it in the crock pot so it was ready and smelling delicious by the time we got home from work. Oh what a savoury and belly satisfying dinner! You can know how good it was by the fact there are only photos from when it was still raw...

I'm going to keep my eyes open at the supermarket so we can do this more often. Joel loooves meat, and we both love the taste of lamb. It is probably our favourite meat (Joel can't decide between lamb and bacon). We ate it this time with cous cous, which is the perfect accompaniment to lamb. So nice when you can get some of the lamb juices on the cous cous. Mmm are you hungry just reading this?


Jessie said...

Oh no fair.

If there is one meat Robb loves, it's lamb. And bacon. Hmm. Our men are too similar.

And yes, my mouth is watering reading your post.

Uilleam Alba Mac Gafraidh said...

Joel and Heather,

That makes your cooking all the better than we thought it was

(if you remember correctly we always thought it was excellent)

especially if the ingredients are so expensive. Not only did you sacrifice your time but also your hard earned cash, that is a true love offering!

We love you very much