Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bramble & Chocolate Bread

Mmmm Mmm Mmmm. Come on, say it with me. Mmmm Mmm Mmm. Oh yea, there we go. Oh yea it looks so amazing, looks so delicious, looks stellar! Let me tell you, it is. It is. I made this from a recipe from A Cook's Tour of Scotland, by Sue Lawrence. This book is a glittering gem with tons of classy recipes using local produce. It tells a bit about the different areas of Scotland and some culinary traditions in each area. There are some recipes I may not use quite as much (Fresh Dulse Soup - Dulse is seaweed. This recipe is prefaced by "When picking wild seaweed, ensure it is from clean water and that there is not a sewage plant lurking just around the bay!"). But there are tons of recipes I am eager to experiment with (Gooseberry Crisp). Oh speaking of gooseberries, I was at the little produce stand the other day and the worker was saying the gooseberries are really cheap today. I asked, "What do you do with them?" and he so cleverly replied, "eat them."

Anyway, back to the Bramble & Chocolate Bread! Brambles are blackberries. I'm not sure if it's a Scottish thing to call them brambles or what. Please tell me if you know! I am still a novice at yeast-related matters, but this was absolutely delicious. My bread has never gone horribly wrong (touch wood) (Did you know here they say "touch wood" whereas back home everyone says "knock on wood"?). If my bread ever did turn out horribly wrong, I would probably give up altogether so I think I have God's blessings in my bread-making attempts.

I used some leftover mini milk chocolate chips we had, together with Green & Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate (i.e. what heaven is made of). Green & Blacks is the only choice for an aloof chocolate snob. It will even turn the snobs into beautiful human beings with consideration for the earth and an understanding of all things lovely. It's that amazing. I think mixing some dark and milk chocolate is definitely the way to go with this recipe. If you eat the bread cool, you can taste each kind encouraging each other, and coating the blackberries to reach glittering paradise in your mouth.

I still have half of the loaf left (yes, I shared). Do you think it will last till Saturday when Joel gets home?

If you want the recipe I could post it. Or email it.


DaviMack said...

I've noticed the odd "touch wood" thing here ... it's ... strange.

If your bread goes horribly wrong it's because you're making bread. It does that sometimes. You then pull it apart, add more ingredients, and work at it to make it do what you want it to do. Thus, you haven't quit, even though it's gone horribly wrong.

Heather said...

No no, the thing is, it HASN'T gone wrong! Ever! (my entire like ... 3.. times I've done it heh heh) I like bread. MMM now I'll go eat more of that delicious stuff. Want. Some. Sourdough.
Joel seems to think if we leave some mixture on the counter for 3 weeks it will turn into sourdough.. is that what you did? Kinda creepy...

DaviMack said...

I made sourdough bread today, just because you reminded me that I needed to make bread.

No, you don't leave it on the counter, really. What you do is you follow the directions here and you'll have it within 3 days! It's easy, cheap, and loads of fun!

It will only taste "sour" if you let it go all stank and nasty, though; otherwise it's just bread.

Sourdough is a happy community of bacteria and local yeast, living in harmony. It's quite the hippy thing, really, and will take place whenever flour gets to hang out unsupervised. ;)

Rachel said...

the bread looks great, and for some reason when I first saw the picture, it looked like the biggest loaf of bread ever!