Monday, August 04, 2008

Grilled SeaBass

I found a great deal on whole seabass, and our group of seabass virgins enjoyed it immensely! Before cooking, I rubbed it inside and out with olive oil and "Nantucket Off-Shore St.-Remy Rub". (Who can resist anything with a picture of Van Gogh barbecuing aubergine??)After throwing the seabass under the grill, we whipped it out and Joel's mom (hereafter referred to as "Mom") showed me a simple substitution for filleting a fish. After it's been cooked, you gently begin to tug on the tail, and firmly keep tugging and the tail gradually separates from the fish, bringing with it the spine and all the bones! You tend to use fingers a bit at the start to begin the fish/bone divorce. Then you are left with a gorgeous seabass fillet. Kudos to Mom. One of the many benefits to family in town.

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