Monday, August 04, 2008

The Kirkwall Hotel & Restaurant

While in the Orkney's, we ate a superb dinner at The Kirkwall Hotel. Above is our appetizer, assorted seafood deliciousness. The Orkney's know their seafood, and they don't joke around about it. It's serious stuff. Serious seafood deliciousness.

Apparently they joke a little bit with their salads. Above is our side salad that came with the meals. Quite adorable, really. I've recently begun a quest to like tomatoes, but it didn't feel necessary to eat the yellow one you can see there. When I signed up to like tomatoes it didn't include yellow ones.
In true form of the Shaver's trip to visit us, 3 of us ordered the same thing: it was Seafood Pasta this time. I took a picture of it but it does not look appetizing at all in the photo, so I instead will regale you with the deep satisfaction it brought me (and a photo of the Orkney Sea the seafood came out of). Penne pasta with mixed seafood, in a garlic tomato goodness sauce. It was fabulous, but I do have to admit it wasn't quite as earth-shaking as the pasta dish I had a O Sole Mio in Glasgow a few weeks prior. That one was stellar, it was Fusilli with Salmon in a cream and vodka sauce. Oh, man. That was undebatably Heaven expressed through pasta.

After the meal we couldn't resist having some Orkney Ice Cream (reminiscent of earlier that same day when we couldn't resist Orkney Ice Cream, and the day before, when we couldn't resist Orkney Ice Cream...). They know how to treat their cows in the Orkneys.

Joel can post on the non-food-related aspects of all of this when he gets back from Brighton.

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