Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Joel says I should post on London. Okay... but I'll be thinking about food in the back of my mind the entire time. We stayed with a lovely Couchsurfer from France. This made our time in London a time we were unwilling to leave.

Joel the Tourist here on The Strand. This is his "searching the map wearing my hat beard and tie dye and trying to fit in like I'm perfectly normal" pose. Is it working?

We went to the original Twinings shop on The Strand, which has been there since 1706. We liked the Chinaman holding the real live pigeon (look closely!).

Next time YOU are in London, go to the Algerian Coffee Store. They have a billion different kinds of coffee and tea. I bought a few of those amazing tea explosion thingys that are like a globe of tea, then when you put it in hot water it opens up into the most beautiful delicate flower blossoms... makes good gifts. Joel got some Arabic coffee and some Peaberry coffee. Mmm deliciousness.

Another highlight was seeing King Lear in the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare's theatre. It sounds like one of the tacky touristy things to do, but it was seriously cool! All the costumes are made in traditional methods, meaning they take like 5,000 man hours to make.. and they had old school music. All for only £5 a ticket! For the standing floor tickets. It was pretty sweet being close enough to the actors to touch them.

It sounds like we did tons, but it was actually a relaxed trip. Since this was our 2nd time to London, we didn't have to go to all the top tourist attractions and we could chill and go on nice walks instead, and see some of the other little things. We went to Camden markets too. One afternoon we took the underground to the very last westernmost stop, and it took us to Richmond, this romantic riverside grassy area with ice cream and boats. This is the Thames! Pretty different from the city part of the river. We enjoyed the sun and relaxed and then I got dog poo on my jacket. I'll leave those photos out today. I enjoyed this trip to London immensely more than our last. Last time it was early january and it was freezing and we were cold and hungry the whole time. Now I see that I could actually live quite happily in London. (Just like 80% of the rest of the world.) Now it's your turn! Go see London! And visit us while you are in the same time zone.


Heather said...

I think Joel can fix the formatting on this post when he gets back. It doesn't look as good as I was hoping.

Justin said...

The couchsurfing link is broken too. But it wasn't hard to figure out that I should go to Good work Heather! I miss you guys.

Heather said...

Ha ha, that shows I've tricked you! I think it's actually, NOT Wasn't as easy to figure out as you thought, eh lil brudder?

Rachel said...

It looks like such a fun trip. Great pictures!