Monday, August 04, 2008

Summer Spinach Superbity & Joel's Protein Salvation

On the day of summer Glasgow had last week, a simple salad felt like the perfect way to eat without spending time with the oven on. Then we could spend more time outside! I made cous cous with sundried tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, and lots of cumin and sea salt. After throwing this into a fresh spinach salad with olive oil and lemon juice, presto! Five minutes and we were eating our Summer Spinach Superbity. Mmm.

Afterwards Joel timidly said ... he was still hungry. It had slipped my mind that he is a huge man with very real protein needs. So my enterprising self threw together Joel's Protein Salvation. I sliced some fresh sourdoughy bread, topped it with cooked minced lamb and mushrooms with rosemary, then some cheese and left under the grill for a few minutes so it was all cheesey-melty and crisp-bready. That satiated him. The sunshine gives me energy, thus the quick thinking and relatively successful results.


DaviMack said...

Was this your own sourdough, or something that came from elsewhere? Because, really, we need to pass along a bit of sourdough goodness ... in the form of a clone, or a snipping, or whatever you might call it when you separate out a bit of sourdough to share.

Why is it that 4 posts came in all on the same day, by the way? Could you have been on vacation or something? Eee gads!

Heather said...

No not our own sourdough. I'm actually not sure it was sourdough, b/c it's pretty rare here, but it tasted like sourdough. It was storebought, from a friend who had too much bread.
We would love to have some of your sourdough starter. Let's figure that out!
4 posts all in the same day b/c... Joel is gone = I have too much spare time = many posts. Still to catch up on travels. May leave that for Joel!

DaviMack said...

Sourdough, as it is in the US, isn't technically bread, because they use vinegar to make it sour.

Our sourdough is out on the counter right now, warming up, in preparation for some exercise. ;)