Friday, October 17, 2008

Reptilian Autumn.

It's been a good week. Busy, but good busy. So many great things to pack in.

Yesterday I saw a baby gecko that had just hatched that day! It was soo adorable.
I also petted a python. It had beautiful green and black patches!
This is all miraculously part of my job. Next time I complain about my job, you have certification to smack me.

The colours all around are irresistible. Gorgeous oranges, bronze, gold, scarlet... I love it. Doesn't it make you want to dye your hair a beautiful deep rich red? I wish I could but with Joel it'd just look ridiculous, both of us being red-haired. Oh well.

I have cooked so many things this week it's intimidating to think about all of it. Part of being busy has been many many social things, and what else do you do for that sort of thing? I cook. But today I don't post about it. Tonight holds my life's calling: teaching someone how to make guacamole.* Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Why don't you go make yourself some? Come on, you don't even have an excuse. I know, avocados aren't exactly in season, especially in Glasgow, but hey once you taste it, could you really fault me?

In direct contradiction to my last statement, I am making an intentional effort to cook with seasonal ingredients. This has included buying a butternut squash (which turned out pretty decent especially for our first time), roasting a pumpkin, and thanking God for all of the on-sale apples and pears! Oh I made pear butter too. Mm delicious. I may tell you more about that later.

*Update 26.10.08: It has been undeniably shown to me that showing Scottish teenagers how to make guacamole is not in fact my life's true calling. While opening a can of refried beans I got a huge deep disgusting cut in my finger and it bled all over the kitchen. Then at 3 am it opened up again and bled all over the bathroom. Then we went to the hospital till 6am. It's been more than a week and the wound still isn't all closed up. Eeeeeww.

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DaviMack said...

Reptiles? And Avocados? In the same post? What are you trying to do to us?

We left our wee snake with a science teacher. OK, he's not so wee any more (about 5 feet long), but still, we left him behind.

And Guacamole.