Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in Glasgow.

We've been back in Glasgow for 6 days now. We're still coming to peace with our return. We had a magnificently beautiful time back in Washington State. We couldn't have asked for more lovely moments with family and friends. True thanks to each of you who made time to see us and made us feel so welcome and.. at home.

Highlights of our trip:

  • The SNOW!! Not only did the west coast have record-breaking snowfall the first week we were there, but Eastern Washington had 3 feet! We had a surpassingly enjoyable time shovelling snow, going sledding, shovelling more snow, drinking tea, shovelling more snow... and using the snowblower! I was delighted with every aspect. Growing up on the west side of the state never afforded me experiences with frozen lakes, dangers of snow weight on rooftops, or sharing snowblower stories with neighbours. I love it.
  • Driving across Washington. Joel and I repeatedly expressed fascination that we are natives to such an unbelievably beautiful and varied place. Even though we have travelled that journey many time before, coming back to it after a 2 year hiatus brought back resounding affirmations that we love this state, our (metaphorical and hopefully one day literal again) home.
  • Seeing all of our grandparents well. We are so thankful that despite ongoing health issues, all of our loved grandparents have been well and we were able to have visits with them. Nothing like time away to make you really appreciate people's character, wisdom, and advice.
  • Being with both of our families on Christmas. Joel's parents were so kind as to drive west to spend the holiday with my family. Having the opportunity to spend it with both sides is wonderful, and having families who get along and love each other so much is a blessing beyond what we could ask.
  • My parent's crazy new cat, Loki. He's beyond insane. It was quite fun. Joel and him became inseparable friends (inseparable: often joined by the cat's bite and Joel's foot). Here's hoping he calms down a bit over the years! (No more jumping on Grandma's back, kitty.)
  • Being able to catch up with true friends. There were some we didn't get to see, and most we'd love to spend more time with, but we soaked up the time we got with each of you. Thank you!
As always, we invite you all to come visit us in Glasgow. Most of you know our couch has been well broken in by those before you! Re-beginning our journey here in Glasgow, we appreciate your thoughts and prayers that we can remain steady and focused on the tasks at hand and finish strong. One year left!

(Pictures to follow. We have left/lost/misplaced all 3 of our USB camera cord thingys.)


DaviMack said...

We're back, too - plus I think I have extra USB cord thingies. ;)

TadMack said...

"We're still coming to peace with our return."

Know THAT feeling...

Some people adjust much better to this place -- but I think folks from the West Coast have a harder time? Or people with more religious backgrounds? Or something...

Heather said...

Extra USB thingies?!? ...could we.. borrow one..? I'm sure Joel can arrange a pick up at the Uni or something. You're amazing.

Hope your return is smooth and you two are able to come to peace with it too! I think you're on to something, T. Also, people who are really close to their family.

DaviMack said...

You sure could. We'll be up at uni at 5:00 on Thursday, for choir practice, if Joel wants to meet us beforehand. We could drop by the postgraduate study space in the main building, as we practice in the main building (right in the middle, facing University Avenue).

Joel A. Shaver said...

That should work... I'll be on my way back from KRK cash & carry in Woodlands around 4:45 if you'd rather meet anywhere more in that area... e-mail might be a more viable communication medium for this circumstance. Mine is j.shaver.1 at research dot gla.

TadMack said...

(PS - to clarify what I said re: religious background - for us, going home to our old church was the biggest wrench. I don't mean to imply anything else. Our church IS our family, all intertwined with blood relatives, so it was tough leaving!)