Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thoughts on Winter in Glasgow

Here we are, continuing to plod along through the winter.
It's currently snowing. Lovely, yes. But it's still not really snow. It's more that teasing kind of snow, that whispers in your ear, "you can look at me, but I won't stay. I'll disappear almost as soon as I hit the ground. And you'll be left merely with a wet face/coat/sock/trouser leg."

I think I still prefer it to come down and visit Glasgow.

Life, work, studies continue, in the unmagnificent way it tends to happen during winter. We have been having lovely saturdays. It tends to be a day to get caught up in the kitchen, in ways. I bake a loaf of bread for us to eat through the week. I bake other things. Last week it was flapjack. So magnificent, I must share that with you at some point. Energy bars. More mayonnaise. Ketchup. Muffins. Etc.

I'm looking forward to soup this week.

Enough with the food, I suppose.

Did I tell you, in January I decided the start of a new year was a wonderful opportunity to start a new skill. I've started knitting. I tried my hand at it a few years ago, but this time I am really going to learn it. I've got the basics down, and must show you the hat I knitted Joel. It's 50% wool, 50% alpaca, and it's soft and brown and warm. Before that project, I accidentally knitted a hat for a deformed baby head, so if anyone knows a baby that has a weird lump on the sideish-top of his head, let me know.

When we came to Glasgow, I thought, "Wow, I'll spend the winters learning how to play my banjo, and developing my Spanish!" Neither of those things have come through, but I have learned to cook some, and now am knitting. I also got into aromatherapy a bit, which enhances our life and cleaning in ways. Knitting is my current absorption, but please don't expect anything grand for quite some time. I knit in my spare time. So not as much as I would like. I knitted last night while watching a french film, which is quite admirable considering I can't understand french and had to read subtitles while knitting a new (and weird) pattern. It went pretty well. I have the start of a knitting project, and new knowledge of french knife-throwing circus acts who have suicidal tendencies.

In other news, I cannot seem to get my mind off of this:

I made it last summer. It's a rhubarb crisp with honey and vanilla, and it is divine. Joel doesn't like rhubarb, so I get to eat the entire thing myself. Waiting for rhubarb to come into season...

How is your winter going?


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Lisa said...

I love food :) We've made turnip cake (traditional Chinese recipe) and leek pie lately!

I'm posting because I'm wondering if the French film you mention is the one set in WWII (or WWI?) where all the folks escape from the insane asylum and the main character, a spy, becomes their king. I don't recall the title... it was very strange but to your taste, I think.

DaviMack said...

Two things. First, this post says it was written by Joel, so I was quite confused when you said that you were knitting Joel a hat. I thought, OK, so this isn't Joel writing, then. Second, since you're NOT Joel, I can't say to you, "COPYCAT!" as I had planned to. A shame, really. I was looking forward to enjoying that. ;)

Heather said...

Wow, Lisa, turnip cake sounds.. interesting.
It wasn't the film you're talking about, although that sounds pretty rad. I think it was called The Girl on the Bridge.

D, yes, it was me (Heather) who posted. The wires get confused sometimes. I'm not following the copycat thing. Sorry...

Hi Paul! Nice to have a visit from a new face.

Robb said...

Feel free to post me some of that rhubarb crisp.

DaviMack said...

Knitting, Baking ... the stuff that goes on over at wishiwerebaking when I actually have time to knit and bake.

Melissa said...

Hi, just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your "blog" or Non blog maybe? I'm another American living near Glasgow while my husband goes to uni. I like to cook and be crafty too! Nice to know I'm not the only one who makes posts about food!

Where did you learn to knit? I've been considering learning but don't really know where to start.

tanita s. davis said...

"I bake a loaf of bread for us to eat through the week. I bake other things. Last week it was flapjack. So magnificent, I must share that with you at some point. Energy bars. More mayonnaise. Ketchup. Muffins. Etc.", wait. You make ketchup? Really? You want to share that recipe?

Heather said...

Hi D, I had never seen your other blog. We must be the only 2 people on earth who knit AND bake... :-)

Welcome, Melissa! Your blog looks interesting too.. I learned to knit a mixture from tips from my grandma, mom, and books and online, and the husband. It's been an accumulation, I think I started in 5th grade and then started again in uni, then again now. Now has been the most successful.

T, yea the ketchup I made was based loosely on the Nourishing Traditions recipe. I came to the conclusion that at this time in my life I don't think it's worth the effort to make ketchup, so I won't be repeating it. :-)

DaviMack said...

Would it have used British Tomatoes? If so ... well, there ya go. ;)