Friday, March 06, 2009

Ethan Beaudoin

I'm very sad to say that my friend Ethan passed away on Tuesday night after a sudden battle with sarcoma. If you think of it, his wife Stacey and daughter Chloe could use prayer. It's a sad thing knowing that I won't be able to visit and catch up with him when we get back from Scotland, but a good thing to realize that it's a postponement, not a cancellation. I'm so glad to have known Ethan and Stacey from living at UCU in Seattle, and glad to have heard Ethan's testimony about how God used Stacey to bring Ethan to Him.

If it's useful or of interest to anyone, here's a link to the recordings we made in college of Ethan and Micah's songs.


Robb said...

Very sad. I don't think I ever met Ethan, but I will pray for his wife and daughter.

katie said...

Thank you for that link, Joel. Those songs sure bring back memories.

Beth said...

Thanks, Joel. How terribly sudden and sad. A good reminder about how fragilie life is. I am praying for them.

d&t said...

J & H, we're really sorry. This is the thing we've feared, too -- stepping away from our lives for school and having irrevocable changes take place in our absence. While this is sobering and saddening, thank you, too, for the reminder that it's a postponement, and that we live with that assurance.