Saturday, April 04, 2009

Up North - Banchory, Aberdeenshire

Hello friends! As you may have surmised, our lives have been very busy, and blogging hasn't been on the top of our to-do list. Sometimes we really get caught up in the actual living that we neglect sharing our lives with others. Living itself really does take quite a lot of energy, doesn't it?

We have been so grateful for spring literally blossoming around us. It's now fully light when our alarms go off, and stays light long enough for us to forget to make dinner until 7pm. Wonderful! This week has been warm, I suppose it hasn't truly been over 60 Fahrenheit, but it has ironically felt like summer (My office, however, has actually been over 80 Fahrenheit). The cherry trees are blooming, and we've enjoyed a couple of bicycle rides. There's a lovely bike path next to the River Clyde that goes to Glasgow Green, a large green park just outside the City Centre. We rode there after work earlier in the week and really enjoyed getting some sunlight and exercise.

But what I really wanted to tell you about was our journey up north last weekend. We went up to Banchory, a small town in Aberdeenshire, to visit our good friend Michaela (there she is!). Michaela is a close friend here, who we feel mutually encouraged by and truly appreciate the time we get to spend with her. She is teaching up north just now, and so we bussed up and spent the weekend with her at her parents' house, with 2 adorable boxer dogs and sunshine. It was a bit like going back into winter, as you can see. We took a hillwalk up a local hill and were surrounded by snow and cold sunlight. We also went to the sea... which we love. To live on an island surrounded by the sea, it is a shame how difficult it is to get to see broad, open sea. Ah.. peace. Contemplative harmony with the world. I love the sea.

It was wonderful to catch up with Michaela, hear how she is doing in her life, and spending lots of time outside. The photos are from our hike up the hill (the snowy ones), and our walk by the sea, in Stonehaven. The castle is Dunottar. Nice, eh?


DaviMack said...

It was a marvelous weekend for the sea, truly! Beautiful pictures!

t said...

Oh, wow -- great minds or what? This looks like a place worth discovering. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

I am jealous. It is a place that I have never been! I have been invited but just have never actually got there! It is more difficult where I live now though!

jeremy and lenore diviney said...

you always have the most beautiful pictures

Daniel and Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated. It is so good to get out of Oldtown once in awhile, and to see the sea...what could be better?