Saturday, May 23, 2009


I made this! This afternoon! I used this pattern. The fabric is heavy duty cotton, really thick, I think some sort of upholstery fabric or something. It made it a nice, thick bag that has some substance.

The inside fabric is the same weight. The lighting is fairly atrocious, but I don't think the pink stripes are quite so garrish in real life. I dunno, I'm not into pink anyway.

As you see below, it's reversible! So if one liked garrish pink stripes, they could turn it inside out. I don't think I would.

The bag has a flat bottom - which is pretty cool, considering I'm not a master seamstress.

Our sewing machine was given to us by Christine, our Glasgow friend who moved to Boston last year. She's German. She gave us odds and ends of extra fabric too, which is what I used for the bag! So, this was free to make! Amazing. I love free. We pulled out the sewing machine last week finally, and repaired some clothing. This bag will be filled with some basic essential oils, some natural cleaning recipes, etc and given to our friend for a bridal shower I'm going to next week. She's been wanting to learn some more natural cleaning from me, so I thought I'd put this 'starter kit' together for her.

Now all I need is some more fabric, and I could make more! It'd be a great bag for keeping knitting odds and ends in, or even a beach bag, if it were bigger.. (and if there was a beach).


Jessie said...

Oh I totally love that bag!

Can we say ... Etsy?! (btw, I'd totally buy one from you)

tanita davis said...

Wow, Heather! I'm kind of jealous right now. I have a half an apron from 8th grade Home Ick that still... well. We'll just draw a veil.

I glue things really well.
And I can knit. Baby hats. And the occasional scarf.

And did I mention glue?

I have one word for you for cheap, awesomely textured, variously colored upholstery fabric: Ikea.

Beth said...

You are one talented lady! I like the pink, and I love how your vocab, has taken on a Scottish flair. I'm fixin' to do some sewing tomorrow (nothing exciting, just mending some clothes). I'll think of y'all when I working the cloth. :-) Love ya!

Heather said...

Jessie, Yea I was thinking about etsy. We'll see in the future. I don't think I'm prepared for that quite yet!

Tanita.. I hope you finish your apron sometime! You could use it for all your baking of bread! I'm intrigued by your master gluing abilities... Thanks for the tip on Ikea, I'll have to go there soon.

Beth... you've got a bit of a texan flair too.. if you're "fixin'" to do anything! :-)

--ginger. said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute--didn't you read the fine print? It ONLY WORKS if you use old polyester. (Super cute bag.)