Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Parsing (kind of like Snakes On A Plane?)

Being the condescending westerner that I am, I was enjoying this seemingly eccentric phrasing on the menu of a local Moroccan restaurant:

The Argan bears plum-sized fruits, which are eaten by goats on the tree.
Ha! Goats in a tree! Crazy Moroccans. Then Michael pointed out to me that there actually were goats up in the tree in the photo next to this paragraph.
It turns out that goats actually do climb Argan trees to get at the fruit. Who knew?

Photo from Wikipedia


t said...

...apparently the Moroccans.

DaviMack said...

One wonders: does that make it easer to get at the goat meat?

physikerin said...

Heather-Joel! I just found this and am going to start reading it. Yes.

Jess the roommate from senior year