Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We hope you all have had a peaceful season, enjoying the winter moments in whatever place you are.

This is our last Christmas in Glasgow. We return to the states at the end of January, when our lives will face a tumultuous change. We look forward to meeting up with all of you who are stateside in the new year. It has been a season of changes for us - anticipated and unanticipated - and we look forward to the encouragement we'll receive by being close to family and old friends again. We are sometimes a bit terrified of the prospect of starting life over, but we know God has us in His hands, the best place one can be.

Our last year in Glasgow has been full of deepened friendships, opportunities to serve in unexpected ways, and lots of wondering about what the future holds. We've been thinking on the many ways Glasgow, Scotland, and Europe have influenced us as individuals and as a married couple, and wondering how this will mesh with our move back to the states. It will be a readjustment to be immersed in the American culture again! Simple things ... taking buses everyday, only buying as many groceries as we can carry a half mile, and of course the constant nearly intravenous drip of good British tea. We'll now begin a new adventure in life, and we're so happy it means we will be able to see many of you often!

Wishing you joy and peace, all those things that sound cliche but are such a meaningful blessing when they are realised.

(Here are a couple of Christmas-y songs we like this year!)