Saturday, January 09, 2010

This cold country: walking

The Kelvin River and a defunct railway (can you spot the icicle?)

Sunset in the arboretum - Kelvin walkway

Man in the trees

content with my snowangel

snowy branches

Friday, January 08, 2010

This cold country

This is an accurate representation of the past few weeks here. As expected, even though there is less than an inch of actual snow (in Glasgow), everyone here is FREAKING OUT. Apparently there have only been 2 or 3 winters colder than this since they started keeping records in the early 1900's. So.. the council isn't exactly brilliant at keeping the roads and pavements/sidewalks safe. I, however, am thoroughly enjoying it, and MUCH prefer this to the incessant rain that is typical of this time of year. I've been walking to and from work, and a lot within work as usual, and yes, it is lovely to walk in the ice and snow. Give me ice and snow any day over pouring down rain.

I do have sympathy for the older folks though. Relying on buses and walking anywhere would be a bit more scary with aged bones and slower reaction times.

Looks like this will stay with us maybe even until we depart this cold country. We really will be moving to warmer climes! (Everyone here has been asking me if I'm glad to move to warm weather.. I think when most Scots think 'US' they think 'California' or 'Florida' and don't realise some parts of the US are similar in climate to here) (The other question I get asked is, 'do you have a job waiting for you there?' Anyone know how I can set it up so I have a job waiting for me? Please? Can one actually do that?!?)

Thanks to Jeanne for the photo!