Monday, April 26, 2010

Kitty Kneading

My parents' kitty, Loki, loves to knead our sheepskin rug. You can hear him purring some at the end. It's the only time he purrs. All other times, he is living up his namesake, causing trouble by attacking ankles, jumping on my grandma's back, and eating long strings of my wool.
(I know the video is terrible quality, but hey I figured seeing a cat kneading a furry rug would make up for anything lacking)

Why we moved back to America: Parades

Since it has been 4 months since our last post, I have concluded that you must be sufficiently questioning what we have been doing. Last time we posted (excepting the Salmiak Shampoo 'experience'), we were shivering in a very cold Glasgow. Now, we are quite warm here in suburbia. Since we drive everywhere, we never have to wear coats. I forget that quite often, and end up bringing a coat with me, where it stays lonely on the back seat until I carry it back into the house.

Joel and I are both working for the U.S. Census now! Woo hoo, temporary employment! It's going to be fun. (really!)

Anyway, enough about us. What I really want to tell you about is America. It is a funny culture they have here. They do love a parade. And how can one help but join the spectacle? Come and see:

All the awards go to this woman and her doggie for Most Excited Spectator! (Not even in the parade!)This adorable green horse actually moved up and down! Wonders never cease.
A free-flowing wine float is always the thing for family parades...
The Seattle Seafair Pirates - always a joy
This shot exemplifies the nature of the American parade - a constant barrage of BRIGHT colors and tacky decor!
Stayin' true to the cowboy heritage.. gotta love the jacket.
Farm animals on parade. Wonderful.
The daffodil princesses!
My little brother leading his high school band!
Grandma and Grandpa, Joel, Dad and Mom. (Note the free Census tote bag - classy!)

Well, if that wasn't sufficient to fill your need for a proper parade, please come visit. Maybe we can find another one.