Sunday, December 05, 2010

Farm out!

7 adults. 1 llama. The quest to find the perfect 11 foot tree for Mom's home. Oh, and the cheapest.
Allison, Justin, and Joel. Look at all that gorgeous red hair.

Is this THE ONE???!? Quite awesome. I think it was Joel's first choice.We found it! This is not a trick of photography: the tree truly is bigger than all 7 adults put together. My mom is not afraid of massive trees. Now... since we hiked miles into the forest to find the 'cheaper' trees, how to get it back down to the farm??!
How 'bout a homemade yoke? Look at those 2 oxen!
Happy Christmas Tree-ing to you and yours this season!


David T. Macknet said...

Wow! Well done, the conquering ... er ... woodsmen!

tanita davis said...

Wow! HUGE tree! (And yay for Joel's face being visible -- although is winter really the time to be removing hair??)

Heather said...

Err.. I guess you're right about winter and less hair.. but isn't that what knitting is for?!? He has a lovely alpaca hat I made him last year, and if I finish all these xmas presents maybe I can knit him another one.

Natalie Minnich said...

Way to go you guys! And you managed to do it without tromping through 2 and a half feet of snow. *applause* Can you post pics of it decorated? I want to see it in all its Christmas finery!