Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is my garlic! I planted it in October and since the winter, I've been entering and leaving the house from the upstairs front door and haven't been in the backyard much, thus forgetting about the garlic, and neglecting the worm bin. Thank goodness both of those are pretty forgiving during the wintertime. Today I succumbed to the overflowing compost bin on the kitchen counter and finally brought it to the worms to work on. While out back, I ventured to the far back corner of the garden, only to be pleasantly surprised that this whole garlic-planting adventure works! Before planting, this area looked like wilderness, really overgrown like most of the backyard, and I had put a lot of work into making it plantable. When I went back today, there were only a few weeds which I pulled! I guess this mulch idea works too. :-)

We planted Susanville and Chesnock Red, and I'm fairly sure the garlic on the right, which is growing much better, is the Susanville. Should have written it down I guess.
In other events, this is Ginger purring away in Joel's arms.


Liz said...

Heather! I love hearing about your simple living efforts at your new home. I'd love to see more of what your place looks like, and I'm so excited for you that you have a garden space now! I grew Chesnok Red last year, it was one of my biggest garden successes, but since I harvested it about a month before we left for New Zealand, I had to give most of it away. I can't wait to grow it again. Best of luck, and here's me asking for more posts about your new home!

Heather said...

Thanks Liz, I appreciate it! So maybe you can tell me, should I give it all a good dose of fertilizer around this time? I feel like it's a good idea but haven't gotten around to googling it or anything that extreme.. :-)

Hmm maybe I'll post some more about home stuff. We kinda live in a basement and it's not the most exciting thing, but we have some routines and rituals I'm quite happy with. I definitely start feeling heart-angst when the granola jar is close to empty. Homemade granola is the way to go!

David T. Macknet said...

Awesome! Well done!