Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yesterday we entered the cold outdoors and took a walk to the nearest coffee shop (the nearest being a little over a mile each way - American cities, oh my!). Our little precious was all wrapped up and adorable. Joel thought she looked like an abandoned baby that someone had forgotten in the park. There was much discussion of the scene of Hook where baby Robin Williams/Peter Pan rolled down the hill in his pram. We would like to reassure you that if our baby rolled down a hill, we would go look for her.Joel just mentioned he thought maybe Tinkerbell stole Peter before his mother got a chance to look for him.

The things we will never know about Hook.

On that note... the baby is 8 weeks today! We leave for Thailand on Saturday! Please read this in commemoration of our first flight with an infant.

The fabulous hat is handknit from my friend and old college roommate, Jessica, who in addition to being a mad knitter, is a genius plasma physicist at Princeton. Wow, I can't believe I even know people like that!


Lynne' said...

As one who's traveled with babies... it's actually not too big of a deal at 8 weeks because all they want to do is nurse and sleep and be held anyway. Gets harder when they want to run around. The people that have tons of problems are ones that don't nurse their babies as needed and/or don't play with them. She'll probably love it because she'll have your undivided attention pretty much the whole way! The only real problem that I found was their ears getting plugged going up and down and that can be painful. I planned though to be nursing during those times and the sucking action totally soothed and took care of that problem for my wee ones. Occasionally, I got looks from people because I was nursing (EVEN though I was covered up *rolls eyes*) but seriously.. they wouldn't have rather listened to a screaming baby, right? People are stupid sometimes. By the end of the flight though when the same people that glared at me realized that the baby behind me who was NOT nursed and was screaming was much more of an annoyance than what I did... I even got a few compliments on my well behaved baby. Dude.. she's not any "better" I just gave her what she needed. Seems obvious, but.. in our selfish society it's not for some reason.

Rebecca said...

Cute! Fun to see more pictures! Will be praying for safe travels and a fun trip.

physikerin said...

Oh yay!!! I am so happy to see that it fits her! She is too cute, Heather. :)

Beth said...

She's a cutie and looks like you, Heather!! Y'all will do great traveling. Have fun! Hope to see you in January! (We're staying until Jan. 18th!)