Thursday, March 15, 2012

she's on a roll*

Marie finally learned how to roll over today! Once she realized she could do it, she proceeded to continue rolling over for the next twenty minutes. And since she can only turn from back to belly, she would cry and yell once she was on her belly. We'd flip her over again, and then, repeat. Over and over.. fun game, huh guys?

I am sure you have all seen babies roll over. So, in lieu of that video, I will instead post a photo to pull out on Marie's first dates:And one of her beautiful kissable face at sleepy peace (click on this one to see those gorgeous lashes close up):
In other news, I got a garden plot in the new Community Garden! Yay! We'll have access to them mid-April (they have to build the raised beds first). So I can start some seeds now and hope they grow. Any suggestions to heat seeds from below without buying anything?

*I apologize. That's the best pun I could come up with, and Joel isn't home.


Shelley said...

Yay for so many things. Compost is warm, worms are warm. Can they go below things?

Beth said...

Way to go, Marie...rolling from back to belly is the harder roll! don't let your mommy and daddy put jelly on your tummy...then they will really make a meal of your belly and you'll be a jelly roll. Watch out!

Heather said...

Dear Shelley,

Robin Meyer said...

UGh, i just want to squeeze her, she's SO sweet. P.S. I foudn the cutest thing today. look forward to it! Sorry, it's pink. :)