Friday, January 04, 2013

Some Christmas

Marie is at a pretty ideal age for Christmas - too young to expect presents, but old enough to enjoy. And young enough that we can dress her up super cute and love on her adorableness. She's so sweet and is currently into kissing. I read her her Christmas book yesterday (Annie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett - pretty much perfect for her right now! Kitties AND other animals!), and the last page with Annie and the kitties, she kept kissing and kissing the page. I love it! She seems to be learning new skills and words pretty much every other hour these days. Come see!

Marie with the stocking I made her this year, and her Christmas sweater! 
Love that face!
Hair clips from grandma. This is her "posing for the camera" face. Cute...

Grandma and Grandpa Ehli and 3 out of 5 grandkids. So festive!

So cute! Can I hug you all at the same time?