Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

For someone who really isn't excited about a commercialized holiday that has become pretty meaningless in America, I feel like we have quite a history with this day in my family.
Exhibits A-F:

First of all, 90 years ago today, my Grandpa Ehli was born. It must have been cold that day in South Dakota, and they didn't have running water until the last children were born. My, my, am I grateful we have so many options for birthing babies these days!
*Correction* Grandpa was born in North Dakota. They didn't move to South Dakota until he was 2. And they didn't have running water until after all 9 of the children were born!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!
A little less than 90 years ago, my Grandma Berwold was born in Yellowstone National Park. Her mom and dad had immigrated from Norway just a few years before her birth. I imagine Great Grandma Velsvick in particular missing having family around, both for the help in childbirth, and for the celebration. There was an aunt there with them who more likely than not helped birth baby Grandma.
Happy Birthday, Grandma!
Pulled this one from the archives!
Moving decades and decades closer to today, 7 years ago today, Joel was in Scotland, I was in Seattle. He sent me this card (through my roommate Alissa), along with my wedding ring, and bunches of daffodils.

I chose both.

Two years ago today, we found out we were pregnant!

One year ago today we had this little precious dressed all in red and lace.

And that brings us to today. I dressed Marie up like a valentine, as you can see. Pigtails came later, sorry you missed out on that.  We are in the midst of sickness. Marie got sick 2 weeks ago and still has green stuff coming out of her nose. I got sick a week ago and still have a raging cough.  We do not have high expectations out of today.

Marie is delightful and confounding, precious and even more precious when I get a break from her once in a while. We love her so. I have a feeling there are many people out there willing to be her valentine this year!

Happy Valentine's Day!