Wednesday, July 03, 2013

In which Heather becomes a different sort of person.

Earlier this week, I had occasion to ask myself "when did I become the sort of person who chops up whole cow livers?" And I wasn't sure of the answer, but I was glad to be that sort of person.  As I stood in the kitchen with a massive beef liver from a freshly butchered cow from the biodynamic farm I workshare at, I mused over these meaningful life questions.

Maybe I've always been that sort of person, and just not had occasion to express that side of myself.

The next day, I had occasion to ask myself a similar question: "When did I become the sort of person who makes homemade liver pate?" Now, I know that I've been that sort of person for quite a while now, at least 4 years or so. But I had still never done it. Well, check that one off the bucket list!  (I used the recipe from Encyclopedia of Country Living for Chicken Liver Pate)

On a related note, there are now several packages of sliced beef liver in the freezer. If you think you may be the kind of person who would want to experiment with some, do let me know. Because it turns out beef livers are really quite huge. I suppose we will use them up, possibly within a year, but I could be convinced to share some with you. :-)  The cows were born, raised, and harvested on the same farm, and were grass-fed and grass-finished.

I've included some photos here for your benefit. Yes, you heard that right - for your benefit. Enjoy!

Also, Marie, who knows how to do summer right.


Rebecca said...

Nice! We've been wanting to try to work little bits of liver into our eating plan, but I was afraid it would taste pretty do you use it? Does Marie like it?

Heather said...

Well, so far I've only made Pate. Which is pretty good, surprisingly. I've only tried to give it to Marie once, but she didn't seem interested. But not abhorred either, so maybe we can work something out.
Joel wants to try deep frying it with onions.. I'm sure if it's deep fried, who could object? It'll just taste... fried...