Monday, October 21, 2013

Marie is Two!!

Marie turned 2 yesterday.  This is her at her birthday party. We invited her friends to the zoo and had all the kids dress up. Marie was a lion with a tutu, or a Circus Lion if you prefer. It was a zoo... ha ha.. laugh.. go on, laugh.  Can you imagine? A dozen kids dressed up as animals running around the zoo, high on chocolate covered peanuts and cupcakes?
Marie has been a practicing 2 year old for a couple of months now, seeking independence, testing boundaries, and just learning about all sorts of things in ways that often lead to messes, breaking things, etc.

She talks all the time in full sentences. We are working on moving from "eeeaaa" to "mama can you help me?" and there is some progress.  She loves to sing and most mornings wakes up in her crib and lies there and sings until we go in.  Since we potty trained her at 18 months, she has done brilliantly and picked it up so quickly.  She has even had around 5ish dry nights before turning 2!  She is generally a very happy and energetic force in our lives. She dropped naps completely around 22 months, and as a result sleeps brilliantly at night - 11 or 11 1/2 hours uninterrupted.  That change has been worth it to me.

It seems she is understanding this whole new baby thing. Because we have so many people in our lives who are pregnant or new parents, she has seen the whole process and before and after. She goes to my midwife appointments with me, and has gotten to hear the baby's heartbeat. She does think that she has a baby in her belly, but that's okay.

Happy birthday, precious!