Thursday, August 05, 2004

There's a long line of cars...

So I'm still composing my magnum opus to sum up my entire summer, but here's something to pass the time, those of you who are lonely. And bored. And amused by idiocy.

We're trying to come up with a line of automobiles to complete the offering of the company that makes the Food in Uzbekistan.

So far we have the following:

Food - Sedan (The Food SS is also available: Travel with the comfort of your
        very own ex-SS officer trapped in a cage under your seat!)

Tantrum - Sports Coupe
Transgressor - Sporty Sedan
Empanada - Pickup
Watusi - Wagon
Tendril - Amphicar? Motorcycle?
Cephalopod - Hybrid?
Nocturne - Convertible
Borgia - Deluxe Sedan
Piety - Economy Sedan

We still need a van name, and we're not stuck on the functions of the Tendril or the Cephalopod, though we're rather fond of the names.

Any feedback or further suggestions would be welcome.

Edit: We remembered today what the name of the SUV was! The Ragnarok.


Ethan said...

You need an SUV. A gas guzzling giant. I'd call it the Enormbus. Or maybe Gigiantium.

Kenton Finkbeiner said...

You've got the "Amphicar," but what about an amphibious car? It would have to be called "Xenopus laevis." (Cut and paste the name in a search engine). I believe Shelly would want one of these....

...And I am actually very fond of fond du lac! Thanks for the link!


Joel A. Shaver said...

Yeah- we had a great SUV name but I forgot it last night.

Tia said...

The Impervious.