Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I am getting tired of seeing nothing new

Every day I check to see if Joel has perhaps updated his blog. Who am I trying to kid?
I'm bored of looking at that sickening picture, so I find that I am forced to take the initiative once again and update for him.
Hm, I guess I see why he hasn't been writing lately; he hasn't really done a lot except for serving my needs. We went to Spokane yesterday, and a couple of weeks ago, he bought a lap steel guitar. I think that he had a quarter of a pear this morning and 2 slices of bacon. Oh, uh, he went to the local thrift store today where he purchased a really old speaker-deal with a pick-up-thingy that you hook up to your telephone so that "everyone in the room can listen". He kept shoving it in my face while i was reading. I used to do things to him like that all the time, oh wait, i still do.

Oh, and by the way, i think that Joel's campaign for me was very effective. The emperor of the U.S. even posted a comment in my blog! Thanks brother, you're such a nice kid!

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