Thursday, November 11, 2004

There hasn't been anything of note lately


Noteworthy enough to resort to capital letters, even! I got a phone number! Not a phone, or a cell phone, just a number. And I can answer it on my computer. It's an Olympia, WA number for some reason... I don't get that, but I'm not complaining. So if anyone's bored, here it is (against my better judgement): 1-360-516-1972. Don't no weirdos call, and don't call after 11 or so at night (my roomie likes his sleep), but you can even leave me voicemail if I don't answer. It's busy a lot, I can't call out, and sometimes the program crashes randomly, but I love it.

Also, if anyone has a service called FWD (free world dialup), my number on that is 519789

(edit: 30 seconds later)

This blog is a reflection of my soul: boring and stagnant. Don't expect any more than that or you'll be disappointed. Of course, you will be anyway... You should probably get used to it.

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