Sunday, April 03, 2005

Please pass the bureaucracy? Or have someone do it...

Here is an anecdote from my new place of occupation.

The other day, I was sitting at my desk in the Health Sciences building, working, and the phone rang. I answered it "Classroom services," as I was accustomed to do.
"Hi," said the voice on the other end. "We're having a blood drive over here in the lobby, and we can't really see what we're doing. Could you turn on the rest of the fluorescent lights for us?"
"I'll see what I can do," I answered. I asked my co-worker Joe if I could go down and do that for them.
"No," he said, "I think the Physical Plant handles lights."
"So should I call them?" I asked.
"Yeah... You could probably do that."
Then I called the Physical Plant. "Physical plant," the lady said.
"Hi, this is Joel in classroom services," I began, "and I'm calling regarding a request I've just received to turn on the rest of the lights in the Health Sciences lobby for a blood drive they're having. They can't really see what they're doing."
"The lobby? Man! I put in a work order a week ago to have those turned on."
"Oh... Right..."
"They're on break now, so they won't be able to turn on the lights until 10:00..."
"I guess that will be fine," I said, and promptly hung up the phone in amazement at the mass amounts of eerie glowing crimson tape suddenly spilling out from the phone and inundating my desk.


Heather said...

Ha ha aa... no one reads your blog anymore, so you don't have any comments!! That's too bad - there's lots of good stories on here!

Kenton Finkbeiner said...

Since Heather was bashing your blog I thought that I would write something.

I check Joel's blog daily, and I am constantly disapointed that there isnt anything new. I probably post more than anyone I know... I hope people are reading mine....Joel I got a telescope....

I feel your pain about the red tape.....i swim through olympic sized pools of the stuff on a daily occurence....


Ethan said...

Hey Joel, check your email! Or, if you are refusing to respond to my attempts to reach you, please tell me what I have done to offend you. Please accept my apology in advance.