Thursday, June 30, 2005

What?!? A Serious Post???

I thought I'd be a little unorthodox and just put a standard news update--a list of all the important issues--here.

Item 1:

I have a girlfriend. Her image may be viewed here. Her name is Heather and she is wicked cool. Her blog, however, is dead, or, as Heather says, its glory days are over.

Item 2:

I'm leaving. I was accepted to the University of Glasgow for my MLitt in English Language and Linguistics. I'll be gone from September of 2005 to September of 2006. Anyone wishing to make a large monetary donation...

This also means that I've graduated from UW.

Item C:

I have a temporary job for the summer. I'm an apprentice! Hopefully I get to learn some carpentry, tile work, and stone-cutting... And my employer is a dadaist! At least, I think he is... That, or the lack of eight ambulatory lemons.

Item 4:

I stepped on my own finger the other day. Now my fingernail has a little white scratch on it and my finger is sore.

Item 5:


Telephone the Foot said...

What's that, Aunt Mae? The chikens have got out again? Dagnabit, Parson Chesterton won't be pleased about this.

Tia said...

A dadaist wouldn't step on his own finger. Now you know what Buddhism could do for YOU!