Monday, July 17, 2006

Depressing thought for the evening

Do a Google search for "navel reserve," and see how few of the hits are puns. An overwhelming majority are simple misspellings. Why aren't people funny, like me? Navel reserve! That's funny!

That's all.


10:00 pm.

Update, eodem die. Mood much improved. On my way home from 'work,' I encountered a consternated-looking 1Glasgow fox. I shared his consternation as we stood together, listening to the lush choral arrangement of 2"I walk the line" pouring forth from the window of the Postgraduate Club nearby. Our interest having faded, the fox politely excused himself and I continued on my way.


1. Vulpes weegiensis, my first sighting this year!
2. Composer and lyricist: Johnny Cash, Choral Arrangement: anonymous, Maracas: anonymous but manifest and annoying.


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Telephone the Foot said...

Yes! Go Sports! We're all in support of sports.

Anonymous said...

I just did a search for "navel reserve", and I found your blog! Funny, huh?