Sunday, August 13, 2006

A wee walk.

I just went on a 'hillwalk' for the first time. The hill is called Tinto, in Lanarkshire. The cool thing about hills in Scotland is that, whereas in the US, there is always a higher peak, the hills in Scotland are not that high,

and when you reach the peak, you've reached the top! Here are some pics from the climb.

Left: Chris Ahoy! Below left: The cairn at the top, and me upon it. Below: Some landscape. Below that: A paraglider! Then: Some more landscape. Appreciate the panorama, please.


Kenton Finkbeiner said...

A cairn?!?!?!?!

Pronounced K-air-n




Kenton Finkbeiner said...

Cairn is anti-fun

Anonymous said...

Lisa and I saw this guy ( perform the other night and thought the song "Re Your Brains" would be something you might find funny.

Thus I have passed the torch. My work here is done.


Daniel and Natalie said...

What is the field of pink? Is it where the pink panther grazes?