Monday, February 27, 2012

the little lady is four months old now!

My wooly babe. Her sweater is the Baby Surprise Jacket, and her hat is a simple pattern found here. When we got back from a lovely walk today, I realized what a wooly walk it had been:
I love covering my babe and myself in wool! (I did not knit the sweater I'm wearing.)Here she is with a bit less wool on. Funny thing about having a new baby - it surprises me when I'm confronted with the fact that there are babies younger than her.Here is her and the Dad at grandparents' house. We love lounging in front of the fire.

Were you outside today? In the Pacific Northwest? Because it was a perfect crisp early spring day. Perfect for gardening. I am working on a project - building raised beds! It feels fulfilling to be focusing on that now. The last several years have been a challenge. Not knowing how long we'll be in one place, and letting that prevent us from pursuing some of our dreams. I do have an established herb box in the back, and I did plant garlic that we harvested this past summer (and continue to enjoy!), but beyond that I haven't gardened much here. Well, we've been here for a year and a half now, and Hal gave us the go ahead to do what we will in the backyard. So, here we go! Let's see what we can do for the gardening.

Okay, back to the baby. Here's a video of the best I could get. She just started copying us when we blow raspberries. Oh my goodness it is the cutest thing in the world to have a little baby copy what you're doing. What is it about me that loves that? So weird. Yet adorable. Check it out!

Okay nevermind, I let Blogger try for 2 1/2 hours to post that video and apparently it lacks the ability to follow through. Anyway, trust me, it's stinkin' adorable.


David T. Macknet said...

Oh, so adorable. Glad to see you all (although I still think that the beard either needs some mowing or some braiding - just saying).

tanita✿davis said...

I love that you put that child in COLORS - none of this namby-pamby pastel for her!

Well, okay. Some pastel is okay. But, COLOR! It's kind of thrilling.

Also, she has got to have the roundest eyes God ever gave a child. So, so cute.

Also: she still looks small enough to get lost in Da's beard. *snicker*