Saturday, October 20, 2012


Happy birthday, Marie!  She is one year old!  We celebrated with a pumpkin extravaganza at the farm. Lots of Marie's friends came, ate cake, sang happy birthday, rolled around in the pumpkin patch, and generally had a grand celebratory day in honor of Marie's birth day.

Marie has been learning lots of new words lately. She now answers "what does the kitty say?" with "aaow" and "what does the doggie say?" with "woof woof". She picked up the latter while we were farm sitting last week and there was a dog. Some other words she says include touchdown (complete with raised arms), kitty, poop, mama, dada, toes, cow, moo, quack...

She also walks! She started taking steps a week or two ago, and yesterday took ~15 in a row. Watch out, Ginger kitty.

Here are some photos of her pumpkin birthday.  It is beautiful to be able to celebrate our precious daughter, and the whole year she has been with us. She is loved!

Our little pumpkin

What.. did you think we were joking about rolling around in the pumpkin patch?

They are all looking at the camera! Miracle! So many boys...

First cake in an overstimulated environment


Miss Elissa said...

Can't believe she is 1 already! Happy Birthday, Marie! She is such a beautiful girl--love the picture of Heather and Marie together! :)

lenorediviney said...

Happy Birthday Marie! mommy lets get together! my number #425-457-1661. text me yours and we will plan something. My brother zack will be here all next week but after that?

tanita✿davis said...

She looks singularly confused by the gourds. ☺

Blessings on one year of motherhood. You make it look good.

Beth said...

Happy B-day beautiful Marie! You are a blessing indeed, and the cutest little pumpkin.