Thursday, April 25, 2013

This is what she looks like now on camera

"baby! baby! baby!"
"baby! baby! baby!"
"baby?!  baby! baby?!"

Sometimes we get lucky. This is what she does if you tell her she has a nice smile.

 I think I told you she calls cameras "baby" since there are always photos of babies on them. Poses a problem when you try to take a photo of her ... she just makes an anguished face and runs to you with arms outstretched shouting "baby baby baby eeeeeuuuu baby".

Love that face!
 Thank you for your comments last time!  So love your words!  Oh I found that other photo for you, but this computer is not rising to the challenge so I'll keep you in suspense...
Joel and I are going away this weekend with our small group to Whidbey for a weekend of rest and feasting. Marie is spending the weekend with grandma and grandpa!  Woo hoo our first nights apart. Hoping all of us can have peace with that. Think of us.
Oh have I mentioned she does laundry?  Start 'em young...


Rebecca said...

Aaahh! She's adorable and looks so grown up, it has been too long since I've seen you! Her hair is so long, so cute!

Miss Elissa said...

Hilarious! This totally cracked me up! Completely adorable, as always! Can't wait to see her this summer!