Monday, May 24, 2004

Et al.

List of Recent Events:

Saturday saw me at the UCU Parent banquet, where I ran the sound and participated in the fashion show (which I, of course, stole... and never returned). That was nice.

Saturday also saw me hanging out with my friend Chris from high school as his band, Racetrack performed at KEXP, the local eclectic radio station on a local artists show. It was a good peformance, and may be heard streaming for the next few weeks at the KEXP website. They are all excited to be playing with Built to Spill next friday in B-Ham.

Sunday saw me at church, and doing homework.

Monday sees me, and I wish it would look away. It's creepy just to have it staring at me like that while I'm trying to work on my paper...

Shelley is having issues with relativity. This has happened before, but it was infinity... She's so hard to console, and she's started reacting drastically- she has now declared herself a Newtonian Purist to the death. I will say that space is not the only thing that's warped around here...

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Nuke Einstein!