Wednesday, May 26, 2004


I just dunno anymore. Kenton had this really cool t-shirt design for beach bash based on the Otter Pops picture, but it turns out it would have been too hard or expensive or both to use it, so Tim and I drew another one. I've come to really like it over the past few hours, but I'm not sure if we should use it, since a lot of people are having trouble telling what the image on the front is supposed to be. Becky said maybe we should just put a girl on the front, and I sorta like that... But I do like the front we have now, too... Opinions? It's not supposed to be a crock-pot, a bong, or a toilet.

For the front:

For the back:


lemonfresh said...

Comments from the design major:

The continual line on the tube for the scuba mask looks like a pipe, cuz it appears to attach to the main part of the drawing. Therefore you should either make the top recede into the distance, or move the mouthpiece away from the face like it's tilted backwards. Also, I know what you're trying to do with the mask, but give the creature some eyes. That will definitely identify it as human.

Tia said...

I agree with what she says. The back is awesome.