Tuesday, June 01, 2004

More non-entertainment

My family came over for the weekend, and it was great to see them. I always end up looking upon college as a sort of expensive exile where you end up making friends and learning stuff. But it's still exile, so having my parents over lessens the blow.

I'm afraid there's nothing else exciting to report. Our Arabic class just got SLAUGHTERED by our final. The length was a little longer than most of the prof's 2-hour finals, and we only had an hour to do it in. I thought I'd be all smart and take the hardest part, composition, first, and I spent less time on some of the other parts trying to write something for it. Then, right before the end of class the professor said "I see I've made the final too long. If you want to take the composition part home and do it tonight, that's fine." Oh well, at least I'm done. Heather taught me a shortcut to reading Arabic: hold it backwards up to a light, and read it through the paper, and it looks and reads just like English. I'm not kidding! Try it! No wonder their pronunciation sounds funny...

Tomorrow I have to do an oral presentation on Icelandic Literature. I've chosen to read aloud a particularly exciting segment of a saga in which a guy tries to get another guy to look at his sick cow. The guy responds, "I don't care about your cow." Maybe later, if you're good, I'll tell you how it ends.

A thing you all should look at if you haven't:
Honda's New Accord
It is not an animation, there are no cuts or camera tricks, and it took them 606 tries to film!


Shelley said...

Will you tell us the ending in Icelandic?

Heather said...

I will forever be known as the genius who made sense of Arabic!! Mwahahahahaha!