Sunday, June 06, 2004

¡Qué Monstruosidad!

Well, it's turned out nice again, hasn't it?

I just bought a genuine monstrosity from an estate sale. Kenton says so. I don't have time to say a lot - got to write my paper, but here are some genuine pictures of this genuine monstrosity which I acquired for a sum total of $5. As an added bonus - you can see our new rug!

Until next time!


Heather said...

JOEL!! i need the reference to that article on the fatal nature of pancake batter! I wrote most of the article but really need that to finish up!! ASAP! ok bye

Tia said...

Next time is a long way off, I see. The thing is, is that people just don't post in their blogs enough these days. I mean, I do as best as I can, posting until my fingers BLEED. But SOME PEOPLE just don't CARE about some OTHER people. And some other other people don't know how much the other people are pained by the apathy on the part of some people! And the reason being is that SOME PEOPLE just don't CARE what happens to those other people or those other other people, or even the other cubed people! BWAHAHAHA!!!