Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Auncestral Hamelauns

Upon the arrival last Thursday (Thanksgiving, FYI) of my cousin Krista, we took an expedition to the town of Arrochar, whence the MacFarlanes, my auld ancestors (on me da's mither's side) hail. We climbed halfway up the local hill, Ben Arthur a.k.a. "The Cobbler" before we had to come down again and catch the bus. The MacFarlanes, as evidenced by the official clan gathering tune, were expert cattle thieves (we even got outlawed!), which explains, probably, my love for a good burger. Of course, the Scots mostly are annoyed with Americans who come over here to 'seek their heriage' and regard all claims of Scottishness on our part to be 'dodgy' at best. This makes sense- I really am an American, not even a Scottish citizen. Many of the ethnic Pakistanis around here are more Scottish than me!

P.S. Photos on this post by Krista
P.P.S. Except the one with Krista in it. I took that one.

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