Monday, December 04, 2006

Thanks for Brad!

Thanksgiving night.

Richard: I want a ferret...
Graham: You could be like... The Beastmaster!
Joel: Yeah... What were the names of his ferrets? They were really dumb names...
Krista: Tawnya?
Joel: Tawnya and Brad!

Thus you may see that Brad is the optimal animal name. Not a bad name in itself, it becomes the best name for animals. Imagine:

Brad the Iguana
Brad the Hermit Crab
Brad the Snail
Brad the Pot-Bellied Pig
Brad the Pit Viper (BradLEY! Get your venomous fangs out of him!)
Brad the Box Turtle


lioncoeur said...


How about Brad the Ferocious Rhinocerous?

I've ferociously updated my blog now :D

John Rodkey said...

Brad the irritable, Brad the beast,
Brad the cockapoo, loved the least.