Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Army Fashion

I went into a military surplus store near my flat today. At first it seemed much like most U.S. military stores, until I noticed the total absence of anything dangerous. No Sheffield service knives, no machetes, hatchets... I think they might have sold kitchen matches.

They had those cool British army sweaters-- the kind with reinforced shoulders and elbows. I think I'll buy one, but I have to decide whether I want army or navy (drab or blue). Suggestions?

The British call sweaters "jumpers," but the idea of an Army jumper strikes me as a terrible juxtaposition. The sight of tough British troops advancing
resolutely in pinafores is certainly an intimidating prospect, but I think the reason is other than they intend. Luckily for me, when I buy one, I think I'm allowed to substitute the word "jersey" if I'm too embarrassed.

May I also take this opportunity to recommend Victory Lozenges! Forged for strength! I don't know if they're helping my cold, but they sure taste nice.


Robb said...


joelsdad said...

Army surplus lozenges? Yuck!

Justin said...


Isaiah Eyre said...

Yeah, drab... totally drab. I can't see you in blue.

Anonymous said...

Jumpers in the U.S. are called "bunny wabbitts".

Really, no need to thank me.
Jamie's Dad

Mark said...

drab said...

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