Thursday, September 22, 2005

If I wrote a title here, it would be optimistic

But I can't stand optimistic titles, so I won't.

Today marks the first day I've felt at all comfortable here. Things just started out right-- I saw my first 60's Jaguar XKE today! I met several people in my department, and all were friendly, outgoing, and nice to talk to!

I also met my course supervisor, Dr. Jeremy Smith, who, in addition to speaking slightly like Wallace (Of Wallace and Gromit), has a warm personality and an infectious grin.

After the enrolment meetings, I went to the exclusive postgraduate club, which had a terrific small-community coffee-shop gestalt, and good music on the house speakers.

After quickly finding everything I needed at the local supermarket (Heather knows how rare this is, even in the US!) I walked home just in time to catch Heather on AIM before she left for work.

On top of all this, my cold seems to be letting up, my room is finally clean, my bed has fresh sheets on it...




By which I mean that I used ingredients that were not previously cooked and compiled a complete dinner! I fried the sausages, baked the potato, sliced the carrots and the cheese— I even made a pot of tea!

I know it's out of character for me to speak in terms such as these... Extreme situations call for extreme language.

Please bear with me.

Also, English mustard is just the thing for one's sinuses.


Isaiah Eyre said...

You better take it easy there... sounds like you're getting too much excitement.

Justin said...

If I recall, when one uses English mustard in cooking, a hefty supply of napkins is necessary. One is for wiping your mouth--perhaps two if your have a sizeable beard, as yourself--and the rest are used for blowing your nose. Well done!