Friday, September 23, 2005

Necropolitan is not an ice cream.

On my first non-sick free day in a week, I celebrated by going with my German friend Torsten to the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art. There really was a broad variety of religions represented, and it was interesting to see things mixed by theme in places (I wonder whether St. John and Shiva duke it out at night?). It was also odd to see Christianity
represented so clinically and often incompletely. The exhibits tended to focus on the various paraphernalia used by Catholic and Episcopal churches, and what little doctrine it explained seemed wide of the mark. The museum is, of necessity, a secular institution, but I thought it took much greater pains than necessary to dismiss the validity of faith. Still an
St. Mungo's Cathedral
interesting visit... The museum is one of those buildings in Glasgow that has been built to look old (15th-century style). What a city Glasgow is! They knock down all their old stuff to build new stuff that looks like the old stuff, but trendier...

Torsten left from the museum and I went on to visit St. Mungo's Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in Glasgow, that was saved by the labor guilds when the Reformers wanted to tear it down. I continued from there to the Glasgow Necropolis. The Necropolis was set aside in the mid-19th century by the wealthy merchants of Glasgow as an elaborate burial ground, and also an attempt to control the spread of disease that plagued the city during that time. It's built up on a high hill near the center of the old city and there's quite a view from the top. I'm all about old graveyards!!! It's pretty sobering to see a huge hill of gravestones rising out of the middle of a living city.
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