Monday, May 21, 2012

Latest happenings

Great Grandpa! And Great Grandma looking on.

 On Mother's Day weekend - she is about 6 1/2 months here.

 Four generations of mothering and mothered - Ruth Elizabeth, Randi Marie, Heather Elizabeth, and Marie Iona. I love the family connections of names. It is a reminder of the deeper connections we all have to each other.

 Campfire jam. The stinkin' video wouldn't load.

This here is the cutest baby in the world. Trust me - you have it on good authority.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

I'm in love with this girl

This girl loves exploring grass and flowers! Also apparently has a taste for gravel - we were at the garden plot and I had left her on the blanket for two seconds to fill the watering can. When I got back she had a mouth and face full of gravel and was going for more. She was pretty angry with me for ruining her fun.

Marie's first solid food - sweet potatoes. She was confused and skeptical. She has since had avocado and banana (and that gravel), and wavers between accepting solid food and loudly declining.
Day out at Gasworks Park with a wonderful group of friends!
You can see some of the gasworks behind her here. Read some history here.

Look at my beautiful blue eyes!
This girl is now sitting up on her own, with occasional but harmless topples. She is slowly growing more hair, but no teeth yet. She loves rolling all over the place and has no interest in learning to crawl, although she loves to stand (with help).  Her laughing spells are unexpected and despite our focused efforts, come on when we are not trying. Whereupon we continue doing whatever we were doing until we hurt with the repetition. We covet those sweet laughs.